April 24, 2014


modern disneys 

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April 23, 2014


Last night’s progress. The end is in sight!



X-Force #7 solicits. In stores July 7th 2014.

(W) Simon Spurrier (A/CA) Rock-He Kim
• X-Force has barely survived an encounter with their newest foe-the swaggering superhuman arms dealer VOLGA…
•  …and with their secrets brought to light, they’re barely surviving EACH OTHER. How will Cable’s team keep it together to carry out their mission?
•  Well I can tell you part of the answer: DOMINO is back! But she could just be in over her head already…

*incoherent screams of joy*

Congrats on finishing! :D Have fun!!

I WILL. And return with many photos.

Costume-Con T-minus Two Days

I have moved from stage ‘running around trying to finish costumes’ to stage ‘running around trying to make sure I don’t forget to pack anything’ mostly. Felix is basically done - I may throw one last pre-con photo up tomorrow once I sew the buttons on, but everything else is packed. Also, I am possibly going to be doing the following panels:

  • Crossplay for Women Niagara Saturday at 9:00am. How do you effectively portray a male persona with a female body?
  • Knitting Haliburton Friday at 3:00. Basic stitches, starting (“casting on”) and stopping, switching colors, and how to read a pattern.
  • Fiber Arts Basics Algonquin Sunday 9:00. Taking your surface designs to the next level with pleating, dyeing, and other fabric manipulations.

I say ‘possibly’ because I volunteered at the last minute and don’t have confirmation from the programming director that I’m actually doing them but… we shall see? Stop by if they end up on the schedule, anyway!

April 22, 2014


I feel like Cable’s more of a character that I’m always willing to defend, moreso than one I actually enjoy.

"X-Force" is my jam. Specifically — only — ‘90 X-Force. But that series was always at its best when Cable wasn’t around. I do prefer Cable as a solo hero, actually, and I think that some of the things Joe Casey did with him in the ’90s made him incredibly interesting. I also really liked Nicieza’s take on the character in "Cable & Deadpool"; he almost seemed like a weird Marvel hybridization of Batman and Superman. Like, he had the martyr/savior vibe that Superman has, but also the detached and calculating persona that Batman has. I liked that. I like Cable when he’s written as a hard-hitting force of nature character, one who seems to be broken inside because of his own outer strength.

Man, is Cable actually Don Draper? This is a thought I’m having.

I also love Cable’s “family” and how he interacts with them, especially Hope and Domino. I like that Cable’s the kinda guy that instills a kind of loyalty in those he works with. And it’s a pure loyalty, too. He’s like Captain America in that way, albeit a much more extreme one. 

I wrote about Cable by comparing him to a ton of other characters.

Huh, I hadn’t thought of the Superman comparisons - I sometimes describe him to DC friends as ‘Batman but with superpowers and less of an asshole’. But the duality of his inner idealism versus his outer cynicism and the methods he uses (willingness to kill, etc) are I think why he’s somehow wormed his way into my heart as my favorite X-Man.

And while Cable & Deadpool is a comedy series that sometimes departs from the continuity of Nate’s other series, agreed that Nicieza did some fantastic stuff in that series, particularly basically every time Cap showed up because their dynamic is just so good. And Nicieza and Loeb basically rescued Cable, Deadpool, and half of X-Force from the scrapheap of ‘poor 90s comic book decisions’ and made them great.



Calling all creatures and fiends! You are cordially invited to kick up your claws at Costume-Con 32’s Monster Club Social this Friday, April 25th from 7PM to 11PM.

The butlers of Knave of Hearts will be teaming up with the maids of Cafe Delish to bring you an evening of glamorously ghoulish entertainment. Enjoy bloody refreshments, frighteningly fun fingers foods, games, prizes and more, all whilst being pampered by vampire hosts and hostesses in an opulent gothic lounge setting.

The Monster Club Social is an open-seating mix and mingle event, and is included free of charge with Costume-Con admission. Please step into the night and be our guest~

Costume-Con 32: https://www.facebook.com/CostumeCon32

Knave of Hearts: https://www.facebook.com/knaveofheartscafe

Totally excited to actually get to check out Knave of Hearts! I’m always too busy when they’re at con.

….Oh snap time to throw together a yokai!Hakkai to be on-theme„ I think.


Evolution of Bollywood Music

by Penn Masala.

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April 21, 2014


Speaking of Crafty Advice Owl here were more Cosplay-specific ones we’d thought up but I never posted.  :)

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a crow is a mother

omg too cute

the way the dog so gently takes the treat makes me so happy


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