July 31, 2014


Definitely take this to the Superhero Costuming Forum (if you’re not already associated/haven’t already). They organized an Adam Hughes ladies in white photoshoot a couple of years ago, and I’m sure you’ll get a lot of eager participants there. This is so damn tempting to go for.

I did, which is why we have a tentative Jubilee :) (For people who are both on the SCF and tumblr, our thread is here)

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Kris Anka and Kevin Wada have been doing some awesome high-fashion mutant lady designs, which I’m trying to make a reality because they are just that fabulous. Right now, I’m doing Anka’s Illyana design, and pinnedtogether is doing Anka’s Kitty for Dragon*Con this year, and we may have a Jubilee. But I want more. ALL the fabulous X-ladies. So basically - come join us! Wada has more X-fashion under his x-men tag, and I’m totally open to original designs that fit the theme of high fashion/eveningwear. Place/time will be announced when I have one set, hopefully soon. Classy ladies in fancy dresses. You know you want to.

I’m also in search of a photographer because otherwise it’s… me and Andy switching off. Which is wrangle-able, but it’d be great to have someone a little more skilled than me - greyloch? cowbuttcrunchiess? Any chance of an hour of your time?

(Also, pinging kevinwada and kristaferanka for signal boosts)



The fantasy in reality ~ postcards from the faraway lands of movies you can only dream of visiting and the real world locations you actually can

I HAVE BEEN TO ALCAZAR. That place is drop. Dead. AMAZING.
It’s actually the castle that Cinderella’s Castle at Disneyworld was based on.


I’ve been to the Cliffs of Moher (more than once!) and they’re just as lovely as in the photo, if not more so.

July 30, 2014
Looking for a hotel split for Dragon*Con

So Iiiii basically fucked up our hotel reservations, and as a result, Andy and I are looking for space in someone’s room for Thursday through Monday. We’re both grown-ups, not inclined to wild partying, and perfectly happy with air mattresses. Basically neither of us want to walk the 2 miles to the ‘close’ MARTA station (because that’s super close, D*C, thanks for that) at our current hotel.

If you know someone going, pass it along?

(Or, barring that, someone interested in splitting one of the remaining Midtown hotels so we don’t go totally broke)

CTcon 2014

Did I just realize I forgot to upload my non-HS photos? Yes I did.

CTconstuck Saturday - Shipping: Vriska/Feferi, Condesce/Helmsman, Kankri/Porrim, Damara/Rufioh, Dirk/Caliborn

(which brings us to the end of the HS photos I took Saturday, two and a half weeks after the con. Previous posts are under my CTconstuck tag!)

CTconstuck Saturday - Shipping: Signless/Disciple, Signless/Dolorosa, Mindfang/Summoner, Mindfang/Dolorosa







Last Friday, a couple of us larger yogis went to our instructor’s house and took pictures in her living room. Some will be used at an upcoming workshop she’s teaching for other yoga instructors on how to offer body positive cues and pose modifications to make their classes more inclusive.

She gave us the prompt: “What do you wish more yoga teachers knew about creating body-positive classes?”

We said:
Don’t assume that we aren’t as strong or flexible.
Don’t assume that this is my first ever yoga/fitness class.
Don’t assume that I hate my body.
Don’t assume that I’m there for weight loss.
Don’t assume anything about what I eat.
Don’t assume anything about my health.

[Warrior I, Pigeon, Warrior II, and a bonus of yours truly laughing while losing balance in Half Moon.]

Beautiful…there’s nothing more beautiful than someone trying! Nothing more than a gorgeous woman taking care of herself! Don’t quit, never stop trying, do it for yourself! You’re inspiring :-)

No, I refuse to be inspiring in the way you’re making me ‘inspiring.’ In fact, I’m tired of all y’all using these photos of me, a fat person doing —not trying— yoga, as some feelgood, hope-for-humanity dick stroking.

Bless y’all’s damn hearts and good intentions, but honest to God.
I’ve had it up to here.

This whole post was about how fat people should be able to do sport or enjoy movement without other people sticking their nose in. “Great job! Keep it up! Don’t quit! Good for you for taking care of yourself! You’re inspiring!" Like CAN YOU NOT with the patronizing.

This. Fat people aren’t your inspiration porn.

Yoga (and an active lifestyle, as a whole) is for all bodies. All bodies can do yoga. This is not a photoset of a fat woman “trying” to do yoga. She’s just fucking doing yoga because it’s clearly part of her regular, active, healthy lifestyle.

I have fucking had it with this community using “fat people doing things” as inspiration for “everyone starts somewhere! Never stop trying! It’s always a good time to start!!” Start what? Reality is, fat people do things. Fat people are people, who do things. Fat people are not broken and don’t need to be “fixed” by your toxic diet culture. Fat people can be active and healthy and also fat (these things are not mutually exclusive!). Fat bodies are bodies, and all bodies are good bodies. Get over it.

Fat people aren’t your inspiration porn. 

Fat people aren’t your inspiration porn.

Fat people aren’t your inspiration porn.


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July 29, 2014


Never gonna stop!!! *^* Sorry normal people of the world!! ^^

In order of appearance in my life ~

July 28, 2014

CTconstuck Saturday - Shipping: Vriska/Kanaya, Vriska/Terezi, and Terezi/Gamzee